Preparing for a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

It's never too late to begin your career development in the high-tech manufacturing world. Technically skilled employees are needed now more than ever, contrary to what you might read or be told! Learn more about different career pathways to help you prepare for a wide variety of advanced manufacturing occupations. There are so many educational options available to help you pursue opportunities within your region, in your state and across the country.

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Tooling U
Cleveland, OH is the leading online training provider focused on the unique needs of manufacturers. Our roots are in manufacturing, and our business started by recognizing the industry's specific needs. While some may report that "manufacturing is dead," or that "all the jobs are overseas," we recognize instead that manufacturing faces a challenge. Today's manufacturers are ready to compete, but to do so successfully, they need the right people, and they need the right knowledge.

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Macomb Community College
Warren, MI

Programs: Product Development, Applied Technology Advanced Processes

The Applied Technology Advanced Processes (ATAP) teaches Advanced Manufacturing methods by employing state-of-the-art technology, such as CAD/CAM, CNC machining, EDM, laser cutting, probing, High Speed Machining, and Reverse Engineering. Manufacturing has joined the digital era where fixtures, molds, and dies are programmed using CAD/CAM solutions. Toolpaths are digitally driven from CAD models, and G-code files are uploaded to CNC machines for rapid manufacture. Advanced manufacturing is a fast paced and highly competitive environment for those who enjoy working with their hands and their minds.


Gary Walters

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