Preparing for a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

It's never too late to begin your career development in the high-tech manufacturing world. Technically skilled employees are needed now more than ever, contrary to what you might read or be told! Learn more about different career pathways to help you prepare for a wide variety of advanced manufacturing occupations. There are so many educational options available to help you pursue opportunities within your region, in your state and across the country.

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Small and medium manufacturers account for 40 %


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Cleveland, OH is the leading online training provider focused on the unique needs of manufacturers. Our roots are in manufacturing, and our business started by recognizing the industry's specific needs. While some may report that "manufacturing is dead," or that "all the jobs are overseas," we recognize instead that manufacturing faces a challenge. Today's manufacturers are ready to compete, but to do so successfully, they need the right people, and they need the right knowledge.

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Indiana Center for Applied Technology
Vincennes, IN

Programs: Machine Tool and Die, Machine Tool/Trades Technology, Welding Technology, Advance Manufacturing and HTEC, Injection Mold Tooling

Advanced Manufacturing is a third year program in Vincennes University's Precision Manufacturing Technology department for students who want to excel in CAD/CAM and CNC programming and machining. This course of study will prepare students for a career as a CAD/CAM programmer and as a CNC engineer with advanced skills by providing an additional 800 hours of hands-on training. This facility is home to the Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC), which includes 13 full-size Haas CNC machining and turning centers. Other industrial partners include Mastercam, Kennametal, Charmilles, Erowa, Niagara, SGS, Sandvik, LMT-Fette, Surfcam, IPC, Air Turbine Technology, and many other manufacturers.

Students in the Injection Mold Tooling program have the opportunity to develop a solid background in machine shop practices, and to learn set-up and operations for all basic types of machine tools including computer-controlled machines.

Students in Machine Tool and Die builds a series of progressive dies that perform a variety of operations such as: blanking, trimming, lancing, shear forming, bending, drawing, and side-action piercing. Classroom discussions focus on the theory, terminology, and calculations related to metal stamping die construction.

Welding Technology is a comprehensive two-year A.S. or A.A.S. program (pending ICHE approval) designed to prepare the student for gainful employment in the welding field. Students are trained in OAW (Oxygen Acetylene Welding), SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding, GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), and GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). Plasma arc cutting, oxyacetylene cutting, air carbon arc gouging, and print reading are covered.


Scott Wallace
Program Coordinator

Phone: 812-888-5521

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